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 In Studio Pilates

Our small group classes and private, 1-on-1 sessions are performed on the Pilates Reformer or other Pilates Equipment. They are designed to give you a full body workout using the resistance of the Reformers and small props. * Our group classes and private sessions are taught by experienced instructors and physical therapists. 

Private 1:1 Sessions

from $99

  • Single Session $110-$175
  • 5 Sessions $499-$750
  • 10 Sessions $999-$1500
  • Memberships also available

Call/Text 305-446-6899 or Email [email protected] for more information

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Small Group Class Packages

Our small group class packages allow you to purchase 10 or 20 classes at a time for a discounted rate. All group class cards have a 1 year expiration. Memberships are also available. See our VIP memberships page for more information on memberships.